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Guest Opinion: Heavy traffic ahead: Plan now to live with more trains by Terry Whiteside and Gerald Fauth (Billings Gazette, Sept. 15, 2012)

Editorial: Coal export permitting should look at all impacts (The Spokesman-Review, Sept. 9, 2012)

New Report Identifies Costs to Taxpayers for Proposed Coal Export TerminalsWORC's Press Release - 7/11/12

Study raises concerns about potential coal train traffic to Northwest export terminals,The Oregonian - 7/11/12

Coal export opponents warn of train congestionThe Billings Gazette - 7/11/12

Billings Impacted by Increase in Coal Exports, KULR8 - 7/11/12

Report says coal will add to train traffic in Billings, KTVQ2 - 7/12/12

How coal trains could choke NW's economic engines Crosscut, 7/12/12

Coal foes warn of Northwest rail traffic spikeGreat Falls Tribune - 7/12/12

Coal Shipping Conflict Continues to Heat Up Blue Oregon - 7/12/12

Report Identifies Coal Train Traffic Challenges for MTPublic News Service - 7/12/12

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